This Week: Yay and Nay


I am sadly without my own grandparents nowadays, which is a shame because all four of them were really quite fantastic, but James has kindly let me have his. Thank God for John and Yvonne ❤

Yvonne provided us with this gem earlier in the week, when James popped over but I stayed away as I am still nursing the world’s longest cold/flu thing:

Yvonne: Do you want a sausage sandwich dear?
James: No thank you Grandma , I don’t eat meat
Yvonne: Oh! I thought that might be just when Megan is around!
James: No Grandma, it’s all the time…

There’s so much about this which is charming! Firstly, they thought he was a wink-and-nod vegetarian to keep his girl happy and they didn’t bat an eyelid , like it would just be acceptable to blag an enormous lifestyle change for the sake of a happy home, and secondly, they’ve never uttered a word of negativity against me or vegetarianism, they’ve just quietly accepted all of the above with love and sweetness despite obviously believing that I have forced James into some dungeon full of chickpeas . They make me melt.

It’s been a boss ass week for teaching. I’ve got four students going up for the FCE this weekend. It’s been months of applying alternating terror and encouragement and finally they are going to go and do the thing and I’m scared and I just want to cuddle them and do it for them…but I just have to kick them out of the nest and keep my fingers crossed. Guhhhh feelings. And for some reason, one of my old students has just announced that he has enrolled in training to become and English teacher…what madness is this?

This is exactly what teaching is like…


Seasonal Changes
So this past week town has felt like Santa Carla from The Lost Boys. There is totally something in the air, everyone is acting nuts and I really think it’s the seasonal change from snow. Last night on a ten minute bus journey, I saw a couple have a huge, crying row, followed by two people brawling in the street, and someone who was definitely a drug dealer screaming into a phone. Not to mention the drunk man who lifted his t-shirt and rubbed his belly against the window in the middle of my mock speaking exam. Like please can you just calm your tatas, I have enough of my own seasonal emotions to be getting on with thanks…

santa carla

Self Control
Got myself some new weighing scales after the old ones broke (because they were fifteen years old not because I stood on them). Let’s say I’ve decided to be somewhat more conscientous about my chocolate and cheese intake since they arrived, and it absolutely blows.



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